Changing things a bit!


Checking my notifications this past week, I noticed that I had more people, including some authors and bloggers, following me on my blog! Whoa, thanks guys 🙂

So, looking at all my posts so far, all my subjects have been about social media, which it’s one of my favorites things to talk about but it gets boring after a while!

Therefore, I have decided to talk about my recent family trip to Rome, Italy. It was honestly one of the best holidays so far not only because I was with my family, but also because Rome is one of the most beautiful cities to visit. Just looking at all the historical buildings and sight seeings is incredible! My personal favourite was when we visited the Sistine Chapel and looking at the marvelous ceiling that Michelangelo painted himself ! Fun times indeed 🙂

Ok , so know tell me what has been your favourite holiday so far! Let me know when , the place, the compant you had with you and your favourite part of the whole experience!

XOXO Ntina

Italy - Rome

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