Nominated for the Creative Blogger Award!


So, while I was browsing WordPress and reading different articles last night, a notification popped up and I saw that it was a comment from the lovely blogger miusho that specifically stated “Hellooo, I nominated you for this award.. Hope you don’t mind. <3″! I was instantly overwhelmed with joy and excitement ! I read about these awards before on different articles but I would never thought someone would actually nominate me !

Launching off my blog a couple months ago, I never thought that my posts would be liked and followed as many people as they do now. It makes me really happy that people actually enjoy what I publish and respond back with  comments, likes and reblogging.

Moving on, I guess I have to nominate blogs I find interesting and worthy of this award right?

1)The Social Campfire

2)The Phil Factor

3)Tech Teachers Blog

4)Sadness Theory

5) Natalie Jane Parker 

I know that I nominated only five bloggers but those are the blogs that I find most creative and righteous. I follow most of these people so please go and follow them, they’re pretty cool 😉

So, 5 random facts about me:

1) I love listening to music all day long! In the car, in my bedroom, I just put my hands free and I just shut everyone and everything out and go to my happy place !

2) I tend to get a little impatient with certain situations, I like everything to be in order and be fully aware of what’s going on!  I’m kind of a control freak 🙂

3) I love, love , love Mexican food! That’s my absolute favourite cuisine especially  all the spicy dishes that they have is heaven to me! If I could only choose one type of food for the rest of my life that would be it!

4) I adore scary and horror movies! Especially the ones that are based on a true story, which makes the film much more intriguing to me, since I have a tendency to search online the real story that inspired the films !

5) Last but definitely not least, I’m passionate about writing! That makes sense since I started a blog here, but what I find more interesting is the fact that through WordPress, I connect with people that relate to my articles that a post on a daily basis! That makes me more motivated and inspired to write more and connect with even more people!

There you have it! Again, thanks to miusho for nomianting me, and make sure to follow her!

XOXO Ntina

Creative Blogger Award








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