The end of an era!

Good evening!

So summer has been pretty boring so far, I haven’t been going out as much and I have over-dedicated myself towards my work life and didn’t handle everything else like I was supposed to, which isn’t normally how I function in my everyday life. However, I have to announce that yesterday, (August 15th) was my last day at work! I am now a free bird, and I am ready and prepared to fix all those aspects of my life that I left isolated-and it also means more free time for me to write on my blog on a more regular basis 🙂

Looking over the one-year-experiences that I had while working at the betting and being at Sport betting industry- an industry that I never though I would be-makes me realize that everything happens for a reason as all the struggles and toils that I have lived through that job has made me (as I personally believe) a more mature and patient person compared to how I was before taking up this profession. I truly believe that I have some qualities now that would help me through my year at Portsmouth and help me be a more understanding and considerable human being towards others. So I would say that no one should ever regret anything, because each experience is a great lesson , whether bad or good and we learn each day what is most important to us.

So, finishing with a different note, I have less than a month now to enjoy Cyprus and start my degree in the UK! I have met some lovely people by going to a fresher’s event in Nicosia and some other from Facebook, so I’m glad that I won’t totally be alone when I go there.

It’s your turn now! What has been that one experience that you had that you believe, has changed your attitude and made you better?

XOXO Ntina


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