So, as it seems, I haven’t written a post in over two weeks here, so my apologies! I just have been really busy with studies and assignments, this course is much more demanding than I thought at first! But no worries, I’m trying my best to be organized and determined so I can have the best possible results from all this experience J

These past couple of weeks have been busy, as said before, with my classes and blogging , not just here but also at the University’s blog (which you need to check it out btw!) as well as volunteering. Yep, I recently got a volunteering position at the Central Library here in Portsmouth in their Business Support Desk that they have, as the main manager is departing soon, so they need someone to take over! I’m not alone in the desk though, there also two other volunteers working there with me, so it’s not so stressful and we only spent a few hours weekly there. It’s the first time I’m doing volunteering work but I’m really glad I chose to do it  because it will help me build up my CV and hopefully give me get a permanent  job after my studies.

Regarding my studies, I have an assignment in which I need to develop a website for an arts and crafts shop, in theory. It’s really nerve racking because I haven’t done anything like that before but I really want to do well in my first attempt (and get a great grade as well!). Additionally, we can use WordPress in this project to suggest a new website layout! How cool is that?

Can you help me with my website design? Tell me what WordPress theme is your favorite and it’s more fitting for an arts and crafts shop! I’m thinking about minimalist themes but what do you think?

Bath with Bella

(Here’s a picture from this weekend’s trip to Bath’s Roman Spas with a friend 🙂 )

XOXO Ntina



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