2016 Approaching!


Holidays have been fun so far in Cyprus, but I have been studying for my essay that I have due at the beginning of January.  On a positive side, I have been going out and meeting friends that I haven’t seen in a long time so that has been really a joyful distraction from uni writing 🙂 I can’t wait to spend Christmas day with my family as well!

So with just two days left for Christmas day, what are you going to spend it? I’m personally going to have a chill night with family and then probably go out with friends and spend a relaxed rest of the night with them, instead of going to nightclubs where they’re always full on Christmas day. I think I’m probably getting old, but clubs are not really appealing to me anymore like they used to 4-5 years ago. I would now rather have a stress-free outing instead of a noisy experience in nightclubs.

New Years is also approaching! What are you celebrating the new year and what are your resolutions? I will be flying that day, back to England so nothing really special, just spending the first day of 2016 on a plane and train! I think that my new year’s resolutions  is to keep studying for my master’s to get a good degree as well as trying to keep up with my gym routine and staying healthy. I have seen some really good results from going to the gym and I want to keep that going!

So what do you want to change in your lives in 2016? Can’t wait to read your comments!


Cheers 😉

XOXO Ntina






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