2016’s First Post!

Happy New Yea’s to everyone! (little late, but better late than never!)


So the new year has finally arrived as I mentioned in my previous post, which means that the holidays are officially over and everyone I assume are back into their usual routine schedules! I had such a great time back in Cyprus, as I was reunited with my family and friends and just having a chilled and relaxed time with them. I didn’t go to any clubs during my break, since I didn’t have any free time because I was simultaneously writing my essay I had to give in on the 7th of January (plus, I think I might be getting to old 🙂 ) So, even during the holidays I was studying!


Personally, I found it difficult to get back into my university’s routine after the Christmas break. Just imagine that I’ve entered my second week of my studies and I’m still procrastinating on certain stuff! But I need to get into that groove again and start studying seriously on a regular basis. This semester is definitely going to be double the challenge for me compared to the last semester, as I have a 5,000 report, 4, 000 essay to give in by the end of April and 10,000 words dissertation on September so tough times await for me!

However, I’m always try to keep a positive mind about everything and let nothing stop me!

Regarding the new year finally entering our lives, what are your 2016’s resolutions? I personally don’t have any as I already started adding some new changes in my life long before 2016, such as going to the gym, eating healthier and just focusing on what makes me happy and not let other situations or people affect me in any way!

Let me know your New Year’s resolutions and if you have kept them so far!

Here are some pics from my holidays in Cyprus 🙂

XOXO Ntina


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