Lovely Weekend!


So as you’ve all probably known from my last post, I was extremely busy these past couple months that’s why I haven’t posted anything for so long.

This semester was full of course works, proposals and reports that needed to be handed in at similar deadlines and therefore I had to really commit in delivering them correctly and on time. I’ve spent probably the last month and a half in the library with classmates and friends studying non-stop at the University’s library, trying to get everything organized and prepared as the workload was overwhelming, compared to the last semester of uni. Thank fully, everything was done and ready on schedule.


After everything was handed in, we went over to Southampton for the weekend to relax, have a good time and celebrate our final course works before we start working on our final project. We went at a house warming party on Saturday, that had a caveman theme where most people were dressed (except myself, wasn’t in the mood to dress up lol). Nonetheless, the party was really fun and met lots of people that were really interesting to talk to. Next day we strolled around the city’s mall, checking out the shopping stores and ended up buying some Victoria Secret’s body mists. We also met up with our friends and went to dinner on TGIs Fridays and then onward to a really cool bar. Unfortunately, on Monday we had to pack and go back to Portsmouth, which made me really sad, as I had a really good time, but definitely going to re-schedule another visit to Southampton!


How did you spend your weekend? Did you do anything special?

XOXO Ntina




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