Brexit… What will happen to us?

This morning a friend texted me to let me know that the UK has officially voted to leave the EU. Apparently the Remain side reached 49.1%(16,141,241 votes) but the Leave side was at 51.9%(17,410,742 votes), which makes a 2.8% difference in voters. To be honest I was nervous about the outcome of this whole situation as an EU citizen living in the UK and as someone that has never cared particularly about politics, I found myself reading articles and searching more into depth about the disadvantages and advantages of each side of the referendum.

Since this morning then, the pound has plummeted in the lowest levels and different articles are stating that the British economy is not going to be stabilised for a few years at least. Additionally, the UK will still have to obey to EU’s laws and regulations for two years until all the proper legislations take place.


From my point of view, even though Brexit has some beneficial aspects to British citizens, this decision is obviously going to affect all people from other countries living in the UK to a great extent. Although I tried to look for some information about what will happen to migrants in the possibility of Brexit happening (before the official voting came out today), sadly I couldn’t find anything substantial. I personally find it unfair for a decision like Brexit to be taken and decided without having any valid or adequate facts for people such as myself regarding our future in the UK. I’m aware that this decision is about the British people but unfortunately the result influences everyone regardless.

Anyway, the conclusion is that the UK is going to be an independent nation and that might lead to a chain of reactions regarding other European countries wanting to leave the EU as well. We’ll just need to take a back seat and let everything unfold before us…

XOXO Ntina

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